Croydon Council – One Council One Brand

Croydondesign created the Councils identity and guidelines and are brand guardians for the Croydon Council visual identity.

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Croydon Council

Outcomes delivered
Brand guidelines
Majority of public facing material


Croydondesign have developed creative solutions that are bold and distinctive, an easily recognised visual style that translates across the wide breadth of the council’s services and diverse customer base; gaining recognition across all their communications and campaign needs.

The style allows for flexibility of expression but at the same time has restrictions in place to ensure consistency across all communication materials that the council produces. The strength of the brand is part of providing high quality services to Croydon’s community and ensuring that these services are accessible to the people who use them and that the organisation providing these services is instantly recognisable.

The brand reinforces the council as a professional, focused and forward thinking organisation.